Consultation 50 e

Vaccinations 20 e

NDLS 50 e

Different certs 20-40 e

Regular checks not covered by GMS 50 e

Routine Bloods 25 e

Diagnostics Obstetrics and gynecology  

Orthopedic Clinic :

Corticosteroid injections in joints 50e-100e

Hyaluronic acid injections in joints 50e-100e

Minor surgery 150 e

Hydrocele drainage 50 e

Letters for solicitors B1 - 500 e

B12 Injections 20 e

ECG 20 e

Implanon 100 e

Minor Surgery 150 e

any Joint Injection 50e (MC) - 100 e (PRV)

Ear Syringe 40 e

Cryotherapy 40 e

24hr Blood Pressure Monitor 50 e

INR Check - as part of bloods 25 e

INR (finger prick) via Roche Coagcheck 10 e